Saturday, May 01, 2004

Fireflies and A.I. Cooper Minis: 

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Heads-up, Sara:

Burger King's Subserviant Chicken has been a good example of "Viral Marketing" (ad campaigns spread by online word-of-mouth). This one has to be the most elaborate one yet, and I can't tell what it's for (although I'm guessing the Cooper Mini....somehow).

In this month's issue of Esquire, Rolling Stone and nearly every car magazine had a 40 page excerpt from a book called "Men of Metal" recounting one guy's investigations into "strange occurances" near Oxford and sightings of robots, and then subtly mentions this page.

When you go to it you see a pretty elaborately constructed webpage of a "scientist" who has constructed an artificially inteligent robot out of Cooper Mini parts.

Some de-bunking can be found here.

Regardless of whether it is "real" or not, it has to be one of the most elaborate ad campaigns since the Burma Shave roadside signs in the '50s.


Thanks Daily Column
Thanks Dadid

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