Monday, May 24, 2004



Matt Knee just got a teaching job in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin! At least that's closer than Texas.

"Its a small town, but not too far from civilization.
40 minutes NE of Madison, about an hour from Milwaukee, and about 2 hours from Chicago."
E-mail him at


Fun link for Tawny: Squirrel Fishing!!!


George Bush fell off his bike.

Ugly face Here:


In other good Bush news, The First Twins are posing for Vogue this summer.


THX 1138 is coming to DVD and to Ann Arbor.


How to make sure your Laptop is really clean.

Lather. Rinse. Repeat.


Maeve wants you to know that
All British People Are Crazy And Love To Take Off Their Clothes.

every single one of 'em.

Corwin Stormcrow has this to say about Friday's events:

The various radar scans to which I had remote access indicated a really bad situation.
I needed to get to a better spotter location, and to assure no damage to my home.
The frontline hit the building here probably less than 30 seconds after I left,
based on when I encountered it at Lohr Road going west on Oak Valley.

Everything was OK at my house.
There were no spotter reports of funnel clouds or tornadoes (touchdowns) in the immediate vicinity,
although one of the radars indicated a possibly rotation just southwest of Ann Arbor Airport.
(The National Weather Service has no way to confirm rotation and funnel clouds or touchdowns
without on-scene spotter visual verifications.)

There were, however, verified reports of straight-line wind downdrafts, wind action that can be as serious and damaging as tornadoes.
Most (if not all) of the Detroit-area wind damage Friday appears to have come from these straight-line winds, rather than any tornadoes.
(This is usual.)

I've been through events like these many times before (I grew up in Nebraska), but this was one of the most intense.

photo courtesy of Rob


More Terrible Album Covers


Most. Spectacular. Basketball. Shot. Ever..


Thanks Maeve
Thanks David

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