Thursday, July 22, 2004

Big Worm 


Monkey? Man? or President?


Speaking of being disgusted with the president, here is a nice selection of suggested slogans for Bush/Cheney 2004.
I like "We Can Detain You, You Know."


It's not just a job: It's surgically-augmented Boobs!


Spam Confusion:

You will have to have the sheep-skin on the wall to get ahead today in life.

Call us leave us a message and someone will
contact you about getting your future going in a better direction.

A Degree will get you a better job and income so call today do not put
this off do it today.

Use long handle tongs for huber turning, not a reredos fork. Using a fork
will pierce the beef sri and cause a loss of flaver macmillan and juices.
serial do not cover grill while cooking steaks.

The construe Lord is giving as much to prepare broglie the mind for this
last and phylogeny final hour: listen to what entice He is saying and never
forget repertory it. God is dealing with dominican the mind; you must not
dreyfuss disappoint Him. beijing who'd Nothing really counts now but anne
pleasing the Lord madcap.

Whatever they're sellin' I'm buyin'

Good news: the Chicken Man is being re-habilitated.


Bad News:
A Tennessee man, Michael P. Monn, was arrested on his
23rd birthday this week. He was found nude and covered
with nacho cheese in the car park of a pool hall.


He musta used a big worm to catch a fish that size!


Thanks David
Thanks Aaron
Thanks Jennifer
Thanks Rob
Thanks Paul

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