Thursday, July 15, 2004

Punch Line 

Irresponsible speculation from the peanut gallery regarding Earl's abandoned joke from yesterday:

it should've been something like,

"Ya know Joey, for 50 cents, i could've bought an old rotting can of tuna from the bum over there and smashed it in your face."



"close your vagina madam, your teeth are showing."


"she was really suffocating that fish."

but the real winner is:

"Ya know Joey, I don't think I coulda stood 5 dollars worth of that."


Classic gaming meets modern art when you play Pac-Mondrian


Put your eyes here for crazy optical illusions.


Why say something boring like:

when you can say:

Join me in Hell after you play Jesus Dress-Up.


y'know how sometimes somebody sends you an e-mail that's supposed to only go to one person, but instead they send it out to everyone?
We got this today:


We have 3 chargers (EXIDE SYSTEM 300) That have to be installed to wall units. Also, we have 2 chargers that run of regular 120 lines. We need to provide permanent locations for these as well.


"Bert and Erwin" ?!?
How effed up is that?!?


Thanks Dadid
Thanks Jamnes
Thanks Paul
Thanks Lee

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