Friday, August 13, 2004

Bea Arthur Naked Pics 

Look at this map. Is there a Fantastic Sams in our building?
I really need a haircut, and if we had a Fantastic Sams next Randy's office, that would be really convenient.


Rob hooks us up with a little movie featuring Georgie B, Dick, and Rummy chillin' on tha corner, talkin' 'bout how they took Florida, took Iraq, and now they're gonna take New York.
Scary, but out for bad words.


"What 'chu Readin' for?"

I stopped putting what books I've been reading on DataWhat because I thought nobody would really care, but Gerard (who lived in Kenya for, what, four years? and is moving to Guatamala on Sunday) said that it was pretty much the only literary recommendations he can get, so the books are back.

The Rule of Four by Ian Caldwell and Dustin Thomason (384 pp, hardcover )
Sorta like "The DaVinci Code" with less Indiana Jones and more dorm room hi-jinx. Recommended as book candy.

The Bad Beginning (A Series of Unfortunate Events, Book 1) by Lemony Snickett (176 pp, hardcover )
Cute in an Addams Family kinda way. I want to know some kid whose got all of 'em so I can borrow all 97 of 'em...but I don't know that I'll buy any more.

Quicksilver by Neal Stephenson (944 pp, hardcover )
Christ, what a monster. While I didn't like it as much as Cryptonomicon (only 1168 pages!), his storytelling is epic and his characters superbly developed. Apparently this is the first in a three book series, and I'll trudge through 'em all. A labor of love, but well worth the effort.

Thief of Time by Terry Pratchett (384 pp, hardcover )
Sorry Doug, my love affair with Terry Pratchett may be ending. Maybe I just OD'd on too many at once, but they all start to run together after a while. I'll come back to 'em later.

Mort by Terry Pratchett (272 pp, paperback)
While this was one of the better Terry Pratchett novels I've read, it didn't really stick with me too much after.

Moving Pictures by Terry Pratchett (368 pp, paperback)
Again, cute. But I'm done. We're breaking up.

Wilco: Learning How to Die by (256 pp, paperback)
A terrific look into the evolution of Wilco from Alt-country primatives to the addled art-rockers they are today. Recommended for fans of the band and those who appreciate character study...or if you really hate Jay Farrar.

Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim by David Sedaris (272 pp, hardcover )
Quite entertaining, although Lori lent us the audio book version read by Sedaris and it was even better.

Armadillos and Old Lace by Kinky Friedman (256 pp, hardcover )
I'll literally read anything Kinky Friedman writes. His mix of Tom Robbins, Sam Spade, Groucho Marx and my Dad is hilariously entertaining.

There may be more.
Hang on.


Brian Wilson is going to be perfoming "Smile" at the Michigan Theater:
Tickets are $42.50 - $85.00, but depending on how crazy he is, it might be worth it.



Thanks Goody
Thanks Rob

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