Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Bees, Fireflies, Cabbies and Hello Kitty Bongs 

Rockshow Saturday.

Mike Boyd & the Genesee Ramblers are also expected to play.


OK, you need to do this:
Go to Homestarrunner.com and download the System Sounds Pack ("Sounds, Quotes and Cash Withdrawls" then "System Sounds Pack").

Windows users, Extract the unzipped Wav files to your Media or Sounds folder (C:\Windows\Media or something like that), then you can have Homestarrunner tell you "You Bwoke It" or Strongbad call you a lazy crap for crap all day long!

By far, the best one is Homestarrunner's shutdown that says "Did you remember to save?!?! All of your Files?!?"


Here is the Shitty Tipper Database on BitterWaitress.com.
Rich people are jerks.


A bootleg of the trailer for next year's Firefly movie "Serenity" is available online.
Dark and grainy, yes, but if you pause it just right, you get to see one of the Reavers over Mal's shoulder.



Here's footage of a cab driver who falls asleep while driving.
Whammo! All of the sudden he's in the back seat.


Springsteen/REM show moved to Cobo.


OK, so here's the story:
Some bees have built a Quarter-Ton beehive in the walls of an apartment building and a handful of young Mensa candidates decide to throw rocks at it. Surprise Surprise, they get stung, so an exterminator comes in and kills 40,000 bees.

Shoulda fogged those stupid-ass kids while they were at it.

"The quarter-ton honeycomb, which may have accumulated inside the apartment wall for years, was so big it was threatening the structural integrity of the two-story building"



Well, Hello Kitty.


Thanks Dadid
Thanks David
Thanks PJ
Thanks Brian

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