Thursday, August 05, 2004

Half Hyena-Half Coyote 

Creepy-ass footage of the Hyote.


President Bush offered up a new entry for his catalog of "Bushisms" on Thursday, declaring that his administration will "never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people."

"Bush misspoke as he delivered a speech at the signing ceremony for a $417 billion defense spending bill."

OK, I gotta show three forms of ID to buy a sixer of Budweiser tallboys with a check, but we're letting this guy approve a $417 billion dollar spending bill?


Three MP3s from Bjork's new all-acapella album.
BeatBoxing is back!


Wed. Aug 18th at TC's in Ypsi there will be a stand up comedy show featuring Vince, Jiwon, John F, Vince Papperelli, Brent Sullivan, Brian Cook, and Jesse Popp.
If it goes well then it could happen more frequently.


.:DataWhat:. concert news:
Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band / R.E.M. / John Fogerty / Bright Eyes
In Ann Arbor at Chrysler Arena on Sunday, Oct. 3
Hopefully generating enough interest to get George Bush out of office.

In Ann Arbor at Hill Auditorium on Sunday, October 10th
Hopefully generating enough interest to get me to go.
"Play Passenger Side!!!!! Play a song!!! Wooooo!!!!"


billy wan't really feeling up for picture day...


Matt Knee says:
Well, my M.S. thesis is pretty much finished. I just have a few minor corrections, committee member revisions, and page numbers, but basically it's done.
Oh yeah...*dances a little jig* ...and I don't have to do a defense!

Here is a link to it:
It's 100+ pages of fun and excitment!

Also, here is a pic of me too:

Here's an action shot of work I did for my thesis last summer at CERN in Geneva, Switzerland:

It's a damn shame, but that man is single.
Ladies, if you've ever dreamed of life in Beaver Dam Wisconsin with the Indiana Jones of Physics, Matt is the man for you.

Nice work buddy.


Terrifying proof that George Lucas has some kind of creepy cut-off hand fetish.
jeez, that is kinda weird. Wonder what Freud would say about that...


Thanks Collar
Thanks Dan
Thanks Lee
Thanks Dadid
Thanks David
Thanks Goody
Thanks Paul
Thanks Mac

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