Monday, August 30, 2004

You Never Know Who's Gonna Have a Robot. 

I guess if you want you can buy Britney's gum on eBay.
The best part is that he had to change the way he worded the listing because referring to DNA violates eBay's "Human Body Parts and Remains Policy."
The worst part is that eBay has to have a "Human Body Parts and Remains Policy."


Flipping between the Empty-Vee Video Music Awards and the Laff-A-Lympics Closing Ceremonies proved to me once and for all that Penny is the funniest wife I've ever had:

1. She kept referring to it as "My Big Fat Greek Olympics"

2. She kept referring to the freshly mowhawk'd Puff Daddy as "Mr. T Diddy."

3. When a pickup truck full of watermelons inexplicably pulled into the stadium,
she said "Is Gallagher there? He's Greek, isn't he?"

4. She agreed that the Olympic Torch looked like a big joint.

5. When I lamely tried to justify watching Yellowcard because they are a rock band with a violin player, she said "Pffft...So did the band at the end of Revenge of The Nerds" and then she changed it back to the Olympics.

best girl around.


Ever wonder what you would look like if your head was a Lego?
Wonder no more.


A nifty bit of Blair Witch-Style spookiness.
"When I was walking in the woods I found this digital camera...yeah, that's it...then I downloaded the pictures and couldn't believe what I saw!"

yeah, you might wanna stick with that thought.

The best part is that everybody in the forum totally buys it.


More folks talking about the redesign.

More CMJ
Even More CMJ
Another MixTaper


West Coast Ben wants you to check out A Break In The Road.
You cruise around this little city recording sounds on your MiniDisc, then mix 'em down in a little studio.           Quite cool.


That wacky misogynist Gene Simmons is to be "shjoozjed" in a future episode of Queer Eye.
I wonder if Kyan can suggest some product for that tongue.


Ever see somebody write "I wish my wife was this dirty" in the dust on a dirty car?

"if wishes were horses, we'd all be eatin' steak"

Thanks Ben
Thanks Maeve
Thanks Lee
Thanks Ryan

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