Friday, September 24, 2004

Kill 'Em All, Let Bush Sort 'Em Out 

oh, y'know what? Real nice.
Text says: "pansies, hippies, dirtbags, and freaks shut up and stay out of the way"
BrianSleeper says: "i think i just read that on the new $20s"


Vote Green Day for Secretary of Rock!
Hey, John Kerry was in a Rock Band too.


The real estate listing says that this property is "conveniently located near the main street."
Click the image to see exactly how "conveniently near" it is...


Rally Sport
Bringing Civilization to the Wilderness and Vice-Versa since 2004

Played similar to golf and Frisbee golf, using various-size balls for various "courses". Nerf balls indoors, beach/volley balls for back yard courses, tennis balls for greater distances.

Any kind of club may be used, but no rackets are allowed.
Examples of sanctioned clubs: Cricket bat, field hockey stick, hurley (Hurling stick), 2 x 4, branch, wooden baseball bat (split in half).

Not allowed are tennis rackets, handball rackets, lacrosse sticks.

Players choose "holes" or landmarks to try to attain via hitting the ball toward the objective. The ball may be tossed or struck from the ground. If your ball lands close enough to the landmark to touch it with your stick, you've gained your objective. Lowest number of swings/strokes wins, as in golf.

Totally lose your ball and you incur a (3?) stroke penalty.
Toss-out back to a hit-able area will incur a (1?) stroke-plus-tosses penalty.

The Sportiest Rally Sport involves trekking to the "course" via bicycle, often over difficult terrain using compass and maps.

The only attire guidelines are that you might want to wear long pants and sturdy shoes on the rougher courses, and carry a machete.

Now you know.


What 'chu talkin' 'bout ever'body


Thanks Brian
Thanks Goody
Thanks Donkers
Thanks Dadid

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