Friday, January 21, 2005

Important: Pick up your F\R\E\E Cl/\LlS (= SUPER VlAGR/\)  

Next Thursday:

Just four good old boys

The Prime Ministers
Restroom Poets
at Smalls in Hamtramck


Hmmm...another one of those Lord of the Rings animated gifs asks: Was Denethor a vampire?
And how the H-E-Double Hockey Sticks do you tell all of those hobbits apart?

One More: "Game Over"

OK, one more: "I Think You Should Shave Your Beard"

OK, Ok, one more: "Unlimited Nights and Weekends"

Aw jeez:
"Boromir's Imaginary Phone"

More here, but beware of rampant repressed homosexuality/blatant homophobia, because for some reason the thread eventually devolves into animated gifs of Hobbits demanding blowjobs from eachother...boys will be boys I guess...


I swear to God I was nowhere near Prague...
"PRAGUE (Reuters) - A Czech man is being taken to court after he hid in a restaurant washroom until the employees had left and then hooked up beer kegs directly to his mouth."


Stressed at work? Not as stressed as this guy is.
The one where he retaliates against the paper airplanes is the real winner.


Everything on the internet is a lie. Y'know how you heard that all those crazy-ass fish washed up onshore after the Tsunami? Lies.
PJ did preface her initial e-mail with "This may be fake, but..." Smartest. Wife Ever.

Also, let it be known that this is the second time .:DataWhat:. has linked to


Attention Dorks: Jewel Staite who played Kaylee on Firefly will be in this Lifetime Movie Monday night.
Somebody tell me how it was, 'cause I really don't think I'm gonna watch it.


OOHH! So this teeth-grindingly self-important p.r.i.c.k. parked his Hummer in a loading zone and ran in to get a "venti"-sized (ooh...key-riced don't get me started on my Leary-esque rant regarding trying to get a regularly-named cup of regular fucking coffee nowadays) cup of black coffee, and a meter attendant comes by and gives him a ticket, so the guy throws his scalding cup of coffee in her face.
This guy should get life in prison. He lost his right to freedom. Let him rot.


every rose has its thorn

                           Gates - "Smithers, have Adobe Photoshop killed."
                           Smithers - "But, sir..."
                           Gates - "Do as I say!"


Thanks Steve
Thanks David
Thanks Lee
Thanks Chris
Thanks KT
Thanks Leighton

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