Friday, February 11, 2005

AMG Haircuts: Dude, Think About it. 

Best new thing:
E-mail whatever weird crap is on your hard drive to and Matt Tobey will post 'em up on his site.
Jpegs, notepad files, MP3s...kinda like Found Magazine but possibly nerdier.

P.S. "Polygamy Portal"?


Aw nuts. Jimmy Smith the Jazz Organist died.
Nobody ever tells me anything.


iClick here


Things you think but don't say while on a mushroom trip with Michael Keaton

"Now that is a silly idea."

"Wait, where is my camera? Where are my shoes? Where are -- oh, whoa."

"Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice!"

"His eyes are so big. They look like... like... nipples. Hee hee. Weird."

"Parasailing would be nice right now. Is it parasailing or paragliding? What's the difference? Well, it'd be nice just to be elevated."

"Don't blink. Don't think about blinking. You have to win this. Don't blink. Don't think about blinking. Don't blink. You have to-"

"Hey, he's not Batman."

"When did I get so hungry? When we started talking about artichokes? How long ago was that? Why were we talking about artichokes? Is it because we were hungry? Are we hungry? Well, I am. When did I get so hungry?"

"Michael says things that he doesn't really understand, just to say them. It's like his words had to be said, but no one else was willing to say them. He is that special kind of genius who always says the exactly correct thing at every moment, but he is so supremely at ease with his fluid grace that he has no sense of self-awareness, only the beauty of his own bliss. The bastard."

"I wish he would stop laughing like that."


Continuing with yesterday's animal theme, here is a bird that makes weird noises.
Really weird noises.


Not the usual .:DataWhat?:. fare, but this guy can unload a round of 8 bullets in less than a second.
He also does something amazing with shooting, reloading, and then shooting again in like 2.9 seconds...I don't really get it, but man is it impressive.


A site that lets you build your own snowflake.
well...ok, but I still hate winter.


These girlfriendless nerds spend their time building pretty cool Lego versions of M.C. Escher artworks.
The one that is most impressive is the one they cheated on. I was a little disappointed.


Data Processing Party Friday!!!

Like every year in the middle of February, we, at the Data Processing department, are celebrating the new year and we organise the most crazy party in the city!!!

Leave all your taboos at home and come join us in the craziest, funkiest, out-of-limits party of the year. Take your time to prepare youself for the wild, bombastic night that will free your deepest instincts.

We do it Data Jockey-style, so get in the mood!

We are attaching a picture of last year's party, so you get an idea of what you should be expecting...

cups of milk
Data What?


Thanks Earl
Thanks Gizmodo
Thanks Dadid
Thanks Gerard
Thanks Dan
Thanks PJ

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