Friday, February 25, 2005

Coppers K. Deflection: "Have At You!" 

Big show next week.


Brian and I (but mostly Brian) were asked by the rockists at to put together a list of who's hot at the Hamtramck Blowout next week. This is what you will be doing. No, you shut your mouth. This is what you'll be doing:


9:00     Dorkwave

At last year’s launch party Rob Theakston repeatedly stole Labatt Blues for me from Saturday Looks Good To Me’s dressing room. This year he and his sexy friends will spin KISS next to Big Black next to TV On The Radio downstairs at the Garden Bowl and I will steal my beers directly from him.


9:00     His Name Is Alive
@ New Dodge
HNIA has been suspiciously quiet as of late...too quiet. And they’re playing with Farq Z. Bey? I don’t know that that is, but I think that’s probably worth the 10 bucks right there.

10:15    The Prime Ministers @ Baker's Streetcar
The Prime Ministers are, bar none, the most underrated band in Detroit. The PMs are what you hoped that last Romantics record would have sounded like. Jimmy Marinos wishes he could write a song half as good as “Sunday Volume”.

11:30    Powertrain @ Knights of Columbus
Scott Morgan’s Powertrain has been criminally overlooked in this garage rock obsessed town. He’s the real deal kids, go see how it’s supposed to be done.

12:45    Devin Scillian @ Adam's Corner Bar
How could you not go to this show? I mean seriously!


9:00     Tenley
@ Baker's Streetcar (if I wasn't at my show)
Kinda neat early 90’s Teen Beat-ish indie rock. Sounds sorta like Unrest mashed up with the third Velvet Underground record. Bring a backpack and a pair of Keds.

10:15    25 Suaves @ Knight's of Columbus
The Suaves are loud. Really fucking loud. They make Motörhead sound like the fucking Go Go’s. This show will cleanse your soul as well as your colon.

11:30     American Cosmos @ Adam's Corner Bar
Cool, early 70’s, female fronted, from Lansing. Kinda like if Emmylou had sung all of Gram Parson’s songs. Also, we harbor a not-so-secret crush on Carra.

11:30    The Avatars @ Small's
I think everybody is aware by now how cool the Avatars are. Anything I say is just preaching to the choir at this point. See you there.

12:45    Great Lakes Myth Society @ Polish Sea League
Jesus Christ. Have you seen these guys? Brilliant five-part harmonies, heartwrenching songs of drunken passion and geography lessons. Their new album drops in March so they’re liable to be all fired up and simply brimming over with Strohs-fuled energy. It is obligatory to say that they used to be called The Original Brothers and Sisters of Love but now they’re stripped-down, louder, and ready to make you wish you were a better songwriter.


9:00     The Vamps
@ New Dodge
Ok, so they’ve gotten some hype without having to play too many shows. Hell, I’m into ‘em and I haven’t heard a single note. The concept is as fantastic as it is simple, cute girls playing rock ‘n roll. I’ll see you there pervert.

10:15    The Offramps @ Outer Limits
The 'Ramps are kinda like an early 90’s punkrock Asia. Consisting of expatriates from Slugbug, Culture Bandits and The Holy Cows, they play a brand that’s sort of Superchunk making out with Cheap Trick while two-stepping to The Drive By Truckers. The Offramps don’t play out often enough so you should make sure you see this one.

11:30    The Hard Lessons @ Knights of Columbus
It's rare when a band that everybody loves is actually a really great band. The Hard Lessons are such a band. They remember what it’s like to be thirteen and hear ‘Satisfaction’ for the very first time. And that’s what a Lessons show is like. It’s like hearing your favorite band for the very first time over and over again. I feel sorry for whoever has to follow them. I’ve been that guy and it’s no picnic.

12:45    The Sights @ Knights of Columbus
Their sound has been gravitating toward a more organ-based groove, and if they’re playing any of the songs off of the new album, prepare to have your hair torn out. In fact, only bald people should show up at this show, so shave your head and come out. You’ll already be at the Hard Lessons show anyway, so just stay there.


Rhino and Ryko to remaster the Replacements catalog.
Thank God, the CD issue of "Let It Be" sounds terrible


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Have at you!

Y ke amaneskas
Pleased to meet you!

Hamba kahle
Surprise surprise!

Cualli ca quin occepa


Agassi and Federer play at the top of their game:

Little Help?
In preparation for the Dubai Duty Free Men’s Open, tennis legend, Andre Agassi and the world No. 1, Roger Federer, couldn’t resist the temptation to have a friendly knock about on the world’s highest tennis court, the helipad of Burj Al Arab, the world’s most luxurious hotel.


Five things you don’t want to hear from someone emerging from a bathroom after 35 minutes

1. Do you have a snake and maybe a bunch of old towels?
2. Man. Should’ve checked that one for a heartbeat.
3. I used up all your matches.
4. You guys insured?
5. Wooo! The bitch is back!


Thanks Lee
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Thanks Brian

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