Monday, February 07, 2005

Security Breach at Los Pantalones 

Band-to-Band is kinda like the Kevin Bacon game, but with musicians and bands.
There are exactly 16 steps between Black Flag and Crowded House, but they unfortunately go through Michael that shouldn't really count.


Pictures from porn magazines without the naked people

"Very erotic"


Feel left out at the water cooler because you missed some Super Bowl commercials? oh, here they are:

#4 - Burt Reynolds and a bear.
(Grambo hated it, it made me laugh when the bear kicked Burt Reynolds in the groin...I am but a simple beast.)

#7 - GoDaddy Ad (Simply because it looks really poorly done and out of place).

#14 - Old Man Henkins Never Throws Back (directed by Spike Lee, it turns out).

#26 - Killing the Cat (possibly best of the night).

and anything with a monkey.


Top Ten most Polite Ways to Say Your Zipper Is Down
by David Letterman

10. The cucumber has left the salad.

9. Quasimodo needs to go back in the tower and tend to his bells.

8. You need to bring your tray table to the upright and locked position.

7. Paging Mr. Johnson... Paging Mr. Johnson...

6. Elvis is leaving the building.

5. The Buick is not all the way in the garage.

4. Our next guest is someone who needs no introduction.

3. You've got a security breach at Los Pantalones.

2. Men may be From Mars.....but I can see something that rhymes with Venus.

And the #1 way to tell someone his zipper is unzipped...

1. I always knew you were crazy, but now I can see your nuts.


This Daily Show guy had some pretty good advice for Paul McCartney's halftime show.
"Ob-la-di, Ob-la-da": Is there something you can say after "life goes on" that's not "bra"? The word still makes us a little nervous around here. Thanks.


There's a Pinball Art Exhibition at EMU's Ford Hall.
Best part: I just got to hear Dr. Rubenfeld on NPR!


Pretty hotshot new system for running wireless audio through your house
from an MP3 player or other non-conventional audio device.

plus I am a huge dork 'cause I would rather look at this picture than pictures of Scarlett Johannson



Aw... who am I kidding?


Thanks Ben
Thanks Gerard
Thanks Goody
Thanks Sean
Thanks Chris

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