Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Wogga Muk Gubba Pum Wup! Boo Gop! 

That sexy cad Rob Theakson gives props to the new Porchsleeper demos on his site. Thanks buddy.

For those of you not in my office, we went into Jim Roll's Backseat Studios, to bang out a quick three songs to hand to interested labels at the upcoming Detroit music festivals, and lemme tell you: Jim's the real deal. His studio environment is laid-back enough to allow for us to put away a 30-pack of Peebs while Derek was wearing one of Laura's bras, but still stocked with enough nice microphones, classic amps, and choice compressors to create a warm but big rock sound. 13 hours later we walked outta there with five songs that all four of us are pretty proud of.

Come out to the Belmont during the Hamtramck Blowout and witness our rock fury for yourself.

Thanks Jimmer.


New Top Ten Terrible Album Covers list:


Note: Karatist and Preacher.


Have you ordered a Pizza lately? Since the Patriot Act was passed? This sketch goes into a worst case scenario of info overload.
Total Information Awareness.


Big ups to my Uncle Grambo whose blag ranked 3rd in Spin Magazine's Best Blog category.
I expect to be hostilely taken-over into the all-powerful DataWhatevs any day now.


The guitarist from Korn has found God and is quitting the band.
Hmmm, I didn't even know God was lost...


Steve's favorite Calvin & Hobbes comic:



Oh, Miss Scarlett.


Thanks Rob
Thanks Steve
Thanks Bob
Thanks Earl

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