Monday, March 28, 2005

and my horse ran away to Tobey Keith's house 

Chocolate & Cheesy.


Ohhh this poor kid.
What follows is some pudgy 10-year-old kid with a mullet doing an elaborate song and dance routine to a techno version of Somewhere Over the Rainbow. If you like car crashes click here.
I can totally see this kid backstage after the show with a bottle of Aquafina and a towel around his pudgy shoulders screaming at his two backup dancers and chewing his Mom out for getting the wrong kind of juice boxes for the green room.


Pretty funny Amazon feedback on their site where they are selling this Anal Douche, which you can apparently order used or put on a wedding registry.
"I used to be just like you. Lonely, sad, dirty. My grades suffered, my friends stopped talking to me, and my horse ran away to Tobey Keith's house. Needless to say, my life was in shambles. What was it that set me apart from everyone else? This was the question that haunted me for my teen years. But then, I was shown this product. In more ways than one."


Sign your name to this petition to put the Grande Ballroom on the National Register of Historic Places.
C'mon, it takes two seconds.


Crazy-Ass Spam!

-----Original Message-----
From: Arrowhead R. Rosales
To: Zacjoh
Subject: Hello, handsome!

I've heard a lot about you


-----Original Message-----
From: Asphyxiation G. Shits
To: Stebek
Subject: Greetings, white man! :)

Do you mind? :)))


Here's this week's Piracy Report.
Not like downloading songs or movies, I'm talking real "Yar! Shiver Me Timbers!" kind of piracy.


This may be indie Blog blasphemy, but I like this MSNBC guy's blog.
He's got a good bunch of links, some political, some goofy, and some involving Doogie Howser.
It's like .:DataWhat?:. without pictures of boobs.


Here are some crude flash animations done by the kid who shot up that school a couple weeks ago.
Take a look at the one called "Target Practice" and tell me if you don't think this kid was pretty disturbed...aside from the other, more obvious clues.


Heh, these bros put up signs that say:


'Cause, dude, think about it. All guys with red trucks have mustaches.
Earl has a mustache and a red truck.


Thanks Horkulated
Thanks Scott
Thanks Cardigan Girl
Thanks Ryan
Thanks Steve

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