Thursday, March 24, 2005


Spectacularly awesome thing of the day:

This group called Improv Everywhere just get together and do crazy things in public, like pretending to be a washroom attendant in McDonalds, or something called "No Pants 2k5" which really needs no explanation.

By far their best act of kindness and genius is the "Best Gig Ever" in which like 40 of them pay cover to see a band from out of town who is playing in NYC on a late Sunday night. They all downloaded the MP3s of the band so they knew all of the words ahead of time, made t-shirts and temporary tattoos, the works. The band was quite surprised.
Anyone is welcome to do this at any Porchsleeper show.


Hey! Allright!

how 'bout some Gin?

Box and Augie repr'zent on this Motor City Music Conference poster.

See you there.


The name of this site is need know nothing more.
"TOMATO ALLIGATOR is a company just like your ‘company” only less lazy. Our factory is located on the banks of a wonderful whiskey river which powers our mill and our creative spirit. Our employees enjoy some of the best working conditions in North America. Indeed we have only one rule - NO SHIRTS!"


Clever gal Tracie Cooper discovered this Republiteen's Live Journal page. She's Thirteen and yearning for some hot G.O.P. action.
If nothing else, check it out for the image of a kitty dressed up as Jackie O...although the Kennedys were Democrats...well, she's thirteen folks, she's still learning.

Ok, so I gotta go do this math homework (yukkk!). SUPPORT OUR TROOPS!!!!
Current Mood: PATRIOTIC

Speaking of great sites, look at Contact Lenses Blog!!!!
What in the hell are these sites doing? Are people stumbling across Contact Lenses Blog and thinking "Man, I don't even need glasses, but this deal on contacts is too good to pass up!" It's just hundreds of posts that say "cheap crazy contact lenses" do what I've done and gouge your eyes out Oedipus-style. That'll Show Em!


Needlepoint throw pillows of Communist Heroes of South America.
No, I'm not kidding! I'm actually a little pissed that you would imply such a thing.



dance fever!

Chicago Sara Hall thought Steve was in Michigan for safety work,
but apparently he's actually in NYC in some fruity auto show dancing troupe.


Awesome Spam:
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Thanks Dadid
Thanks George
Thanks Greg

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