Monday, April 18, 2005

Eew...couldn't I just have one of those soul-crushing omlette sandwiches instead? 

no thanks
Couple more good ones available Here.


This is pretty funny. This guy buys a motorcycle, owns it for like two seconds, then steers it directly into a tree.
It's not like the tree is right next to him either, he actually drives about 30 yards, straight into this tree.
Aw, it's funny, and it's only like six seconds long. You've got the time.


Do you enjoy the cinematic arts but don't have time to wade through all those "Moving Pictures"? Relax, and check out A Movie A Minute!

                                         Good Will Hunting:

Matt Damon: I'm smart, but so what? Let's start fights and pick up chicks.

Robin Williams: If you push people away, they can't be close to you.

Matt Damon: SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP you fixed me thank you I love you. (cries)

                                                               THE END


OK, anybody who knows my band will think this post is weird.
Look: There's Bambi, and there's that flaming shot gif Katy gave me! And the link goes to DataWhat! Small world, bros...


GoogleMaps is apparently revealing the location of Area 51.
Or those are just irrigation circles from farming...Y'know, one or the other.


Warehouse robe
Secret Warehouse in NYC                                                                            New Office Uniforms


Oh Miss Scarlett...
Plus a million more


Thanks Dan
Thanks Scott
Thanks Horkulated

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