Monday, May 09, 2005

"I've been described as cool, awesome, hot, video games, the hottest, and real real hot" 

- Strongbad on NPR

NPR interview with Strongbad.
And his creator, the brothers Chapman.


Spend some quality time with Sugar Bush Squirrel.
I guess this lady who is a country music star "rescued" this squirrel from a tree (rescued? from a tree? ...ok...) and dresses it up all crazy-like.


Prison riot averted with hot pizza delivered to the inmates
Is there anything that amazing grease wheel can't do?


MP3s of the Bud Light 'Real Men of Genius' commercials.
Here's to you, Mr. Bowling Shoe Giver-Outer.

The Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire teaser trailer is out.
They start with a series of shots of Harry, Ron, & Hermione from each movie, showing how each one has grown older. Then whiz-bang into the Tri-Wizard tournament. Looks good. And that font is the best film font since Star Wars. (Maybe even better).


The polyphonic octave generator is the pedal used to create that wikkid guitar tone on the White Stripes' "Blue Orchid"
Built by Electro-Harmonix, the same company that makes the mighty Big Muff.


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