Thursday, May 19, 2005

There's nothing funny on the internet anymore. 


There was this funny video of a tire rolling down a racetrack that Perry sent me but I can't find it online anywhere, and Lee found this sa-weet photo of Steve Gutenberg in a wetsuit, but I left it at work.

I dunno.

I don't wanna try to come up with stuff if it just isn't there.

Best things so far:

Store Wars: A grocery store version of Star Wars.
Worth it just to see the opening shot of the grocery cart as an Imperial Star Destroyer.

Weird photos of gross food.
The section on the The Unbearable Sadness of Vegetables is pretty good.

On the Simpsons a couple weeks ago there was a website called that these jokers have re-created pretty faithfully.

Other than that, there were some funny searches that found .:DataWhat?:. that made me laugh...(My Favorites are highlited)

5 datawhat
4 bubb rub
2 "ty stone" & "kid rock"
2 gretchen wilson nip slip
2 johnny whoopass
1 "roscoe p coltrane wav"
1 nude gretchen wilson
1 pics of kanye west tattoos
1 "alan rickman"+soundboard
1 "amazing video" transformer car
1 "amy lumet"
1 "brian peppers"
1 "brian peppers" hoax
1 "brian peppers" imposition
1 "brian peppers" information
1 "carla gugino boobs", sin city,
1 "carlos d" groupies herpes
1 "hot side hot. cool side cool."
1 "humping dogs"
1 "i'll call for help jason"
1 "jeremy wheeler" harmonica
1 "jon lovitz" +picasso
1 "ridonculus" definition
1 "scarlet johansen naked
1 "spaceballs" "helmet for sale"
1 "you can write this shit"
1 +"george w. bush" +"jack daniels" +"drinking" +"steps"
1 +"george w. bush" +"jack daniels" +"drinking" +"steps" +"ph
1 amy lumet photos
1 boom goes the dynamite - kent st.
1 boom goes the dynamite quicktime
1 brian peppers hoax
1 bubb rub and lil sis
1 bubba rub and lil sis
1 bubba rub whistle tip
1 bush undressing
1 cannes + "scarlet johansson" + picture +
1 carla gugino boobs
1 carlos d gave me herpes
1 carlos d, last name, interpol, groupies
1 celeb nip slip
1 celeb nip slip pics
1 country music nip slips
1 cowbell will ferrell wa
1 dadid kennedy
1 download mp3 hyped up plus tax dabrye
1 e_mail natalie portman
1 garden gnome sacramento
1 george, you can write this shit
1 gilligans island royalties
1 git r done sound clip
1 gretchen wilson nude
1 gretchen wilson nude pics
1 gugino boobs
1 hasselhoff soundboard
1 herpes interpol
1 hoax picture sex offender "brian peppers"
1 hot tramps
1 interpol herpes
1 irish bass drumers
1 jenna bush pics
1 lindsy lohan's nipple
1 listen to master yoda soundboard
1 maria sharapova e_mail
1 perm hair photos + blogspot sg
1 photos of "amy lumet"
1 police high speed chase sound clips .wav
1 poor girl
1 queen amidala soundboard
1 rob thomas this is how a heart breaks realtime
1 scarlet johansen at cannes
1 scarlet johansen esquire
1 scarlet johansen naked pictures
1 scarlet johansson naked
1 scarlett johannsen pics
1 seebach apache mp3
1 seebach band apache
1 seebach band apache video
1 seebach band lyrics
1 spamalot tudyk
1 star wars "write this shit" "can't say it"
1 subliminal messages in the song so yesterday by hilary duff
1 sugar bush squirrel
1 superbad
1 tara reid's nip slip pics
1 the beatles
1 tommy seebach apache .wav
1 tourettes guy videos
1 tourettes guy videos alternative link
1 wikipedia + redonkulous
1 winnebagos swearing guy video
1 you can write this shit george, but you sure can't say it.

Other than that, I got nuthin'...send me Teh Funnay!

Thanks for the Store Wars thing, Sara

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