Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Hey guys, want S'More? 

People are having photoshop fun with the idea of incongrouous ads for products and album covers (along the lines of the Nike/Dischord dischord).


Charvel Surfcaster formerly used by Belinda Butcher of My Bloody Valentine? Ok:
On eBay.



Sent: Tuesday, June 28, 2005 2:56 PM
Subject: Wanna be more man? Check this dude

Buyer beware - Penis patches!


An online petition telling Steven Spielberg that we the undersigned will not go see War of The Worlds because we are sick of Tom Cruise's crazy mouth.
Take that Hollywood!

Related: Photo of the new Tom Cruise signature X-Box controller:
One button for "Leap For Joy" and six buttons for "Self Destruct"


Two entertaining really short movies:

This guy gets caught asleep at his desk and he comes up with a brilliant stream of excuses to his boss, including trying to put in his contact lenses without using his hands.
"I read it in a magazine once"

This lady (mistakenly) thinks the video conference hasn't started yet, so she takes off her bra under her shirt before the call starts.
It's a little wooden and could be fake, but nothing can overwhelm my initial terror when the grainy video came up and I thought for a split second that it was Sara Hall.


Remember the hot dog five-way picnic photo from a couple weeks ago?
Here's what those cats do in the winter:
The guy in the back says "Hey guys, want S'More?"


Thanks Andy
Thanks Collar
Thanks Miss Mapping
Thanks Golden Fiddle
Thanks Julie

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