Monday, June 20, 2005

a robust and out-of-the box network 



Biz-speak passed around the office today:

"After cultivating and aggregating the synergies between our architectures, I believe that a collaborative implementation of our data structures incentivized by the mission-critical paradigms that we need to develop and deliver can be optimized by a robust and out-of-the box network of our market partnership."

it was in jest, by the way.


Perry found this choice piece of gossip regarding Sco-Jo backing out of Mission Impossible 3 because Tom Cruise totally weirded her out with his Scientology voodoo.
I keep wondering "could this girl get any cooler?" and the answer is "No."


Maria Sharapova makes grunting noises as loud as a small aircraft.
Wimbledon starts today.


Ok, so this half-arsed post is really just an excuse to try out my FoxPro DataWhat HTML builder.prg:

keyboard '{alt-w}d'

USE "c:\program files\microsoft visual foxpro 7\datawhat.dbf" IN 0 SHARED

SET func f1 to '<b> <a href="'
SET func f2 to '"target="_blank">'
SET func f3 to '</a> </b>'
SET func f4 to '<font size="1">'
SET func f5 to '</font size="1">'
SET func f6 to '<center>::</center>;'
SET func f7 to '<center>::;'
SET func f8 to '::</center>;'
SET func f9 to '<a href="___"target="_blank"><img src="___" alt="___" title="___" border="0"/></a>'

@30,5 say 'F1 = <b><a href='
@31,5 say 'F2 = "target="_blank">'
@32,5 say 'F3 = </a></b>'
@33,5 say 'F4 = <font size="1">'
@34,5 say 'F5 = </font size="1">'
@35,5 say 'F6 = <center>::</center>'
@36,5 say 'F7 = <center>::'
@37,5 say 'F8 = ::</center>'
@38,5 say 'F9 = <a href=___target=_blank><img src=___ alt=___ title=___ border=0/></a>'

Basically it allows me to just hit F-Keys to fill in all of the HTML gobbledy-gook that I usually have to cut and paste.
Eventually I wanna get all of the .:DataWhat?:. contributors assigned to ALT keys so I can just say "Thanks ALT+D" and it'll print out "Thanks Dan"

P.S. My nerdiness/laziness knows no bounds


Thanks Perry
Thanks Chris
Thanks Donkers
Thanks Exquisite Dead Guy

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