Friday, July 15, 2005

Don’t Jack My Heart Off 

The Answers to the Porchsleeper Album Cover Quiz
As Interpreted by Matt Tobey:

1. Pete LaVigne and the Heat Lamps – See You Next Tuesday
2. The Stamps – The End of the Moon
3. Teflon Flypaper – Holy Toledo
4. The Mathilde Buckner Six – The Mathilde Buckner Six are On Holiday
5. The Porridge Thieves – Bringing Home the Bacon: Live!
6. Adam and Steve – Cruel, Cruel, Cruel
7. The Automatic ATM Machines – Crocodile Tears, Alligator Fears
8. Leon Harpstring – Sings His Favorite Marmalade Jones Songs
9. The Gut-Punch Triplets – Sit Down and Die a While
10. The Pears – Socks
11. Sammy Dan McCoy’s Old-Fashioned Good-Time Orchestra – Little Old Lady Who?
12. Salamander Stopwatch – Martian Lullabies
13. Jimmy Sanders – Watching the Smokestack
14. Homo Genius – A Hundred O’Clock
15. The Maniacal Duck Staplers – At Lizzy’s in New Orleans
16. Pete Roosevelt and Silver Sliver – Pearl Harbor
17. The Propanes – The Evolution Will Be Telephoned
18. Half a Mind – Soul Blood
19. Chuck Suede – For Betty
20. The Sparrows – American Feet
21. Marmalade Jones – One Classy Lady
22. The Jelly Guns – Don’t Jack My Heart Off
23. Shivam Patel – Eating the Clouds
24. Paper Water – Ka-Blooey!
25. Scotty Oregon – The Lost Attic Recordings

* The Tomato Bombs – Ear to Ear (Moroccan Import Edition)

Now there's a guy what knows music.


Closed-caption screenshots of some horribly Engrished text:



Should be more here, but the site seems to be down.


I feel safer knowing that this guy who was rapping as The Arabic Assasin and rapped about flying planes into buildings on 9/11, 2005 was checking bags at the airport.
Nice work America.


Here is a fricking sweet keyboard that has little screens under each key so you can change 'em to indicate the hotkeys for different programs and games.
and I don't know what that Donkey key does, but I'm waaaay into it.


80s arcade photos
Including the horrible, shark-shaped game Maneater




Thanks Dan
Thanks Matt
Thanks 'Squiz
Thanks Kris
Thanks Rob

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