Monday, July 18, 2005

john stamos tastes of greek 

Best thing of the day:

Here is a video of some German dudes at what looks like the County Fair covering Europe's "The Final Countdown".
I'm sure this song has been covered before, but certainly not with this astonishing level of tunelessness and abrupt lack of stage presence. The fact that it is on a rickety stage in the middle of the day with no concertgoers in sight makes it that much better.


This site: is like the last four pages of any comic book from 1971 to 1978...just crazy ads, bike decals, old dimestore toys, novelty gags, and the complete Sears toy catalog from Christmas 1978:

YO! Remember "Pass The Nuts"!?!
Deez Nuts
Bang Bang Bang! That's all you could do.


This magician can make hamburgers appear out of thin air.
Although, If he truly had the ability to conjure up cheeseburgers at will, he'd be a lot fatter.


Things that people are Googling to find .:DataWhat?:.

bottom hidden
carlos interpol fanfic
computer shit
"data rock" +music
find me pictuers of ish from pimp my ride
itunes allmusic tag mood style
john stamos tastes of greek
narcoleptic dog chasing frisbee
natalie portman's cute little feet and toes pics gallery
worst sportscaster, quicktime


Sooo many good Scarlett Johansson images are hitting the streets right now.
Especially this one from Allure Magazine as well as these others from Allure, screencaps from The Island like this one, and these from The Island premiere.

Plus this huge photo from Entertainment Weekly.
Everything's comin' up Sco-Jo.


Thanks Thighmaster
Thanks Justin
Thanks Jared
Thanks Dan
Thanks Wade

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