Wednesday, August 10, 2005

"I have a thousand years of power!" 

This level-four paladin decided it would be a good idea to attack cops with a four-foot sword, shouting "I have a thousand years of power!"
Where else? Royal Oak, Michigan.


I posted one or two of these before, but this guy has all the best Star Wars Engrish:
disheveled hair
many more


Two articles that mention AMG:

A guide to finding new music to listen to.
p.s. They name-dropped "Knotty!"

Article about Konfabulator's Widgets
AMG mentioned in the "iTunes Companion" section halfway down the page.


Awesomely Horrifying Spam!!!

Subject: Sex-hungry sons cramming their moms!

In times of great sexual hunger and sorrow, mommies
always have their beloved sons ready to help them.
Glistening videos with amazing action and breathtaking plots!
Must see! 100% exclusive!
..SonMomFilm :: Shocking family revelations featuring mom and son!..

Subject: Prof lean me make sex!
Have you ever thought about having a sex teacher?
These mature ladies are happy to show you what they’ve learned for years.
The only thing they ask in return is SEX!
These mature mamas are not that beautiful any more but they still have sexual desires
and can teach you lots of interesting tricks in sex!

Subject: Hot sweet virgins make me crazy
Andrea is a home girl. A little bit shy, but very hot inside.
She watched her daddy porn tapes from day to day.
She tried petting and blowjob with her boyfriend, but that was not enough!
She wanted more and one day she gave up! Good girl - now we can watch her movie too!
Click here buddy! You must see this!

No Thanks!


Porchsleeper fans: I give you: Bambi Jane DeCroix from Marathon Florida!
Here's her Arrest Record.
Busted again in 2003 for parole violation (under the name Bambi Jean DeCroix).

Wow! I feel as though a chapter of my life is now closed.

More. Awesome. Mug. Shots. Here.


Very nice LP-to-CD burner all in one package.
And yes my birthday is coming up.


Photos of Bathroom grafitti.
P.S. The future is in your hands.


Some Aussie likes swimming naked outside this seaside restaurant for kicks.
"No one really knew he wasn't wearing a bathing suit until he started doing back flips and sticking it up out of the water," Scharosch said, noting it was difficult to determine whether the swimmer's "periscope was up."


pooper trooper
Captions: "Stormpooper" or " I hear it's quite a thing to see."
your call


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Thanks a million Exquisite Dead Guy

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