Thursday, September 29, 2005

From the home offices in Ferndale, MI 

Hi there. I'm Rob, recently retired blogger who has come back from sabbatical to substitute at the request of your normal host.

So let's do this. Step one: Put this on in the background while reading. Step two: Buckle up for safety.


I know this has been treaded ground, but I love google video...especially discovering things like this at random . Nothing like two topless asians crooning Coldplay to get this post off to a mediocre start, eh? Well, go ahead and play with the random search engine and see what funny stuff you come up with and post it in the comments section.


As promotion for the new Family Guy DVD (which I've already seen and can safely say it's most enjoyable), the good folks at Fox have whipped up this flash game of excellence. I kind of wish there was one like this where you could feed lines to Kwame Kilpatrick and tell him what to do. if you typed in "balance the budget" he'd shoot a hooker, or if you typed in "eat a pie" he'd beat the shit out of a city council person. Stuff like that.


Battletorn has arrived. The music's like uh... metal and the graphic art reminds me of Trogdor.
(again, I'm all like, two years ago with this post.)


I got caught up on Lost last night (they re-ran the season premiere before last night's episode) and I must say that whatever peyote that gang of writers are smoking, they need to stay as high as possible. Absolute genius, especially with the inclusion of Mama Cass' "Make Your Own Kind of Music". My mom used to play that song all of the time when I was a kid, but it was the Bobby Sherman version. As a result of this exposure, I have permanently damaged the part of my brain that can differentiate between good and bad, which is why I also find this song by Bobby Sherman amusing. Incidentally, this was also the theme song to a movie called the Magic Garden of Stanley Sweetheart , a movie about sex, drugs and other freaky stuff from the 70s. It is also the movie debut of Don Johnson.

(I'd be willing to bet money if Tubbs knew about this he'd have crapped a tractor)


Speaking of Sonny, you can also buy Miami Vice ID cards from EBay. It says you can special order other ones, though if I were going to choose one, I'd want mine to be of Phil Collins. He did that totally awesome song for the show.


Billy Dee Williams is a painter now. The Colt 45 man sayeth in his artistic statement thus:

"I call my paintings 'Abstract Reality'. Sometimes I refer to them as 'Impressions/Expression'. It's the best way I can explain them." Come in and view our different gallery rooms. You may order a painting by clicking on the print and selecting order.

I won't even touch the 'abstract reality' thing. I checked out the prices and they're up there with Thomas Kincade. The only way I'm going to pay $10K for a painting by Mr. Williams is if it's a lifesized surreal painting of Lando eating at a Taco Bell with the Millenium Falcon parked outside in the background.

(They all look like Yes album covers to me. Note the absence of both tacos and spacecraft. No deal here, sir. )


But back to the front for a moment, this alien is stalking Bobby Sherman. I think she's waiting for the right moment to post the photos where she's sucking his brains out.


Okay now back to the other stuff. With Zac being on vacation, there's been a woefully inept supply of photos featuring the DataWhat muse, Miss Scarlett. To right this error, I present a page filled with Scarlett photos for your perusal.


And because no DataWhat entry would be complete without tech-talk, here's a brief history of technology and the music industry. I noticed the glaring omission where they fail to credit John Stamos' percussion playing with the Beach Boys. That took things to a whole other level for music.

I'm out of here. Thanks for stopping by. Your regular host will return on Monday. I don't know who is guesting here tomorrow.

Sherman for Pres in '08!


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