Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Encyclopedia White 

Remember that kid from the Encyclopedia Britannica commercials?
Encyclopedia White
Turns out he's Stan Freberg's kid!
He also was the voice of Linus and Charlie Brown in the mid to late '70s.

He also has a mostly NSFW blog.


Enrique Iglesias To Launch Line Of 'Small' Condoms.
No, I'm not making that up! How could I possibly make that up?!?


iTunes music store earned more money than Tower Records in Q3 of 2005.
Although according to some people, the iPod is just like a Walkman that holds more songs.


Digg+Slashdot+Del.icio.us = diggdot.us
Kinda like Metafilter, but somehow even nerdier.


Some really amazing Nature photos.
Requires Flash.


Laptops and Shirtsleeves are the order of the day at Strongbad's space academy. Space Captainface has to escape the Earth's Tenacity!
Much Coach Z hilarity if you click on the tire at the very end.


DataWhat fans have been requesting, nay demanding more boobs, so here goes:

Got the hots for youthful Fleur Delacour from the new Harry Potter movie? Don't cane yourself in Vietnam just yet, turns out the actress is actually 21 years old and is way naked in this French movie.

Grambo has almost a wardrobe malfunction from Keira Knightly.
Not as good as this one from Esquire (the magazine, not the gay rapper).

Lindsay Lohan's boobs are slowly returning from scrawny grossitude.
Not back to their previous fighting weight, but at least she doesn't look like a piece of string cheese with Vendi sunglasses anymore. Plus, in picture 4 she's reading some kind of teen girl Choose Your Own Adventure book.

Jessica Alba and Rosario Dawson kinda making out.
Or drunk...one of the two.

For the ladies, here's a birthday cake with a big penis on it that says Happy Birthday Mom.
NSFW...and the frosting balls are really grossing me out.

Finally: Sarah Silverman's cleavage from the awesomely titled Heeb Magazine
I love chinks, who doesn't?
if you are unfamiliar with Sarah Silverman's "I Love Chinks, who doesn't?" joke, it's in this first paragraph.


Thanks Goody
Thanks Justin
Thanks Metafilter

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