Monday, February 27, 2006

"His topics of conversation are more important than yours" 

Hilarous commentary on what it would look like if Microsoft did the packaging for the iPod.

an iPod is just like a walkman


Wow. These side-by-side comparisons of DVD and HD images from Fellowship of the Ring are pretty striking. I've always thought of DVD as being crisp and clean, but while the Hi-Def images are a little darker, they are really a lot cleaner.
Plus, when you mouse over the images of the Hobbits at Bilbo's birthday party, it looks like they're clapping.


Trailer for Dave Chappelle's Block Party looks fun.
I however, will rent it so I can fast forward through John Legend's set of mediocre R&B.


Terrific set of classic country music photos from an upcoming book.
Ernest Tubb, George Jones, Louvin Brothers...I may buy it just for that photo of The Louvin Brothers in those crazy shoes.


WTF Sco-Jo? You go from blissfully pale to bizarrely fake-tanned seemingly overnight?
Yipe! I like my jalapeno poppers flash fried, not my hollyweird starlets.


There are so many things to love about this photo:

be a little gay

* The fact that Junior and Sissy are rooting through mom's purse like ferrets on crystal meth.
* The fact that somebody took the time to underline and circle their favorite bits.
* The idea of putting a ribbon in your hair.
* The fact that it says "be a little gay"
* "Don't complain even if he stays out all night"
* "His topics of conversation are more important than yours"
* The concept of lighting a fire for your husband before he gets home.

oh, I could go on, but the ghost of Barbara Billingsley if kneeing me in the groin...she is dead, isn't she?


Thanks David
Thanks Dan
Thanks Chris
Thanks Los

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