Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Is that what you wanted, Alfred? 

i Fi
from Apple


Could be cool. I'd like to hear it.

Although, am I the only person on the planet that thinks that music sounds better coming out of a wooden speaker cabinet?

Any time I hear these iPod docks or even the speakers that come with a lot of bookshelf systems, all I hear is the plastic of the cabinet shell. Too bright, too sharp, no resonance.

As the mother of my unborn child can attest, I'm liable to get into a car accident if I see some sweet old wood-cabinet speakers sitting by the side of the road. I'll swoop in like a vulture and pick those bad boys up.



MotorCityRocks announces their Hamtramck Blowout picks for this weekend.
Does it seem like there is less overall hype this year? Or is it just that I'm old and out of touch all of the sudden?


Speaking of hype, PodZinger is translating the text of podcasts and then making that text translatable, so in theory you could search for your favorite topic and then hear podcasts that contain that word.
You can save yourself the trouble: The phrase "Dirty Bar Mitzvah" doesn't appear in any podcasts.


Dave Gilmour + Graham Nash and David Crosby in Gilmour's new song "On An Island". Sounds nice. A little smooth for some tastes for sure, but there is some bright guitar work in the solo(s) and some nice harmonies throughout.
More new Gilmour song clips available here.


Interesting article on how those in-car navigation systems work (as far as how that info gets into the system, not technical schematics or anything).
News flash! People actually drive around and write stuff down!


This site is too goofy to pass up. This bra company allows you to select your cup size and then choose a level of activity/exercise, and their "Shock-O-Meter" will show you what your boobs would look like both nude and in their hi-tech bra.
Ever wonder what Dolly Parton would look like jogging? Well, according to them she would need Support Level 4.


The Rocklopedia Fakebandica is a pretty complete list of fictional bands from cartoons, TV, movies and even books. I was pleased to find entries for Geronimo Jackson from Lost, Disaster Area from Douglas Adams' books, Dingoes Ate My Baby from Buffy the Vampire slayer and of course The Wayouts from The Flintstones.

"We're goin' wayout. "We're goin' wayout -- WOO!"
They just don't write 'em like that anymore.


Thanks David
Thanks Lee

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