Monday, July 24, 2006

Good Night and Good Luck! 

I mean, old white newscasters are cool and all, but they make for a boring movie...
Imagine how much gooder Good Night and Good Luck would've been
if they had thrown a wet t-shirt contest into the middle!

Before       Afta!

More terrible DVD Bootlegs in this Flickr pool.


Totally hypnotizing: These folks mounted a camera inside their car and took one photo every 10 seconds all the way from Oregon to New Hampshire. They then popped 'em all together and made This Movie.

Kind of a novel concept, and although it seems as though watching somebody else's road trip would seem boring, I really couldn't turn away...watching night fall, seeing rain come up from the horizon, watching the clouds race by as our travellers stop for munchies at a convenience store...actually enthralling.
Plus, the girl has a cute shoulder.


Hilarious Pointer Kite is a kite (y'know, like you fly on a windy day) that looks like your mouse pointer on your desktop.
So you can fly it around and pretend to be ready to click on things, I guess.


This guy Pledges up his hardwood floor and sets up those lightweight plastic bowling pins, then gets out a laser pointer and goes PUG BOWLING!!!
Anyone with a dog will think this is funny, and if you hate dogs you will think it is also funny. Blind people will not find this funny unless you explain it to them.


Some nice HUGE Sco-Jo pics from the Scoop press conference.
Wait a minute...this photo is just her talking at a press conference? Loreal's money was well spent.


Good News! Battlestar Galactica Season 3 Trailer!
Bad news: Enjoyment hampered by Nickelback song in the background.


I keep getting this message from Earthlink regarding my dumb home (non-DataWhat) website:

Dear EarthLink Subscriber,

We're writing to let you know that your free EarthLink Web site has exceeded its monthly traffic limit of 1GB.

As a result, visitors to your site will see a "Sorry, Page Temporarily Unavailable" message until the first of next month.

Please read below for important information about avoiding this problem in the future.

And then they give me some sales pitch on either upping my monthly limit or using their sales and tracking tool.

The problem is that their Sales and Tracking tool "Urchin" is giving out some totally weird numbers:


I mean look at the site in question: Some photos of me and the missus on vacation, a couple photos of flowers, a trip to Vegas...not really something that should be generating daily numbers in the thousands of hits..especially considering I've got two other sites (this 'un and BabyRoadies) that I have thrust into the public eye pretty forcefully and they rarely generate this kind of traffic.

Also, my site never gets turned off and I never get that "Sorry, Page Temporarily Unavailable" this a scam? Or possibly scamola? Are they just trying to get me to sign up for the bigger storage deal by throwing some fake numbers at me? Should I put ads on my Earthlink page and start reaping the benefits of this great hit rate? Anyone?


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