Thursday, August 03, 2006

"Everybody Today is Turning On" 

Obscured by Clouds

Amazing cloud formations in Antarctica that only occur when it is below minus 176 degrees Fahrenheit.


Uh...Bea Arthur and Rock Hudson performing a ragtime vaudeville song about drug use? I guess so...
Amyl Nitrates? Hash? Acid? Blow? Who taught these old people the cool words for drugs?


The adventures of Chad Vader, day shift manager in a small grocery store.
The part where he calls his boss "The Emperor" is pretty funny.


On this game show contestants have to recite a tongue twister under a certain amount of time or they get slapped in the balls.
Take that Deal or No Deal.


Nice mention of Tapestry in this Digital article.
"The new kid on the block — so new, in fact, that it’s not quite out yet. But it has incredible potential."


Poor Blue Guntron

Thanks Exquisite Dead Guy
Thanks Dustin
Thanks Steve
Thanks David
Thanks Matt

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