Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Cool Side Cool. 

McDLT commercial starring George Costanza?



David Van Below tracked down the audio from this Van Halen '84 Memorial Day Special. It's basically 4 hours of the first six Van Halen albums with intros and jibber jabber jive from David Lee Roth. Verrry entertaining.
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Funny video of a cat repeatedly flushing the toilet.
So that's why our water bill is so high.


Creepy little site where you type in a phrase and they sing it for you.
They take little phrases and words from popular songs and paste 'em together to make a little song that you wrote. Maeve suggests "Punk Ass Bitch" to start.


An interesting alternate take on the Star Wars mythology where R2-D2 is the hero of the entire rebellion.
You had me until R2 started paying off the Jawas on the side...that gets a little hard to get my head around.

Related/Dorky: The entire final space battle in Star Wars re-enacted using human hands.
Somebody put a lot of time into this (as opposed to dating girls).


How can I get some of these Broken Link stickers to put on blank walls?

Broken Link


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