Thursday, August 23, 2007

That's bad luck: three on a midget 

Marx Brothers clip of the day:

From At The Circus - Groucho and Chico are interrogating a midget who has conked somebody on the head and left a cigar butt at the scene of the crime. A terrific mix of Groucho one-liners and Harpo being borderline surreal.

I think the last line which gets cut off is "I stand in the rain and he catches the cold" in case you were wondering.


There is a website called Name of the Year which lists funny names.

Here is a Year-by-Year list of Name of the Year Winners:

1983 Hector Macho Camacho
1985 Godfrey Sithole
1989 Magnus Pelkowski
1990 Otis Overcash
1991 Doby Chrotchtangle
1992 Excellent Raymond
1992 Assumption Bulltron (Name of the Decade)
1993 Crescent Dragonwagon
1994 Scientific Mapp
1996 Honka Monka
1997 Courage Shabalala
1998 L.A. St. Louis
1999 Dick Surprise
2000 Nimrod Weiselfish
2001 Tokyo Sexwale
2002 Miracle Wanzo
2003 Jew Don Boney Jr.
2004 Jerome Fruithandler
2005 Tanqueray Beavers
2006 Princess Nocandy
2007 Vanilla Dong




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