Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Pretty much just copying GoldenFiddle on this one 

Wes Anderson did a bunch of AT&T commercials that are pretty clever:

All of them are viewable here.

Also, Jesus am I freakishly in love with these little notebooks:

More information and photos available here.


Upon seeing photos of this crazy orb in a field in Russia, Dan proffers:

a) let the conspiracy theories begin

b) there's something very J.J. Abrams about this

c) Why the F would you drill holes in something that looks like a scale replica of the Chernobyl containment tomb and is marked with a radioactive symbol?!?!


A couple of new Porchsleeper songs available on something called "My Space."
What won't those kids think of next?


Cool artist Phil Hansen made this portrait of Jimi Hendrix out of matches and then lit it on fire.
More conceptual coolness here.


Whoa (Blogging for an audience of 1 here). Hey Chris, remember when we were in college and there was like a week where we thought David Letterman was sending us secret messages? Like how we were going to do on our History exam, and what we ate for dinner that night? And then one night he said "And for those of you who have been receiving my subliminal messages..." and then he rubbed his temples and made his eyes all googly?

All of the sudden I found this:




Thanks BoingBoing
Thanks Goody
Thanks GoldenFiddle
Thanks Dan
Thanks Exquisite Dead Guy

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