Friday, October 12, 2007

ICU81MI? Hilarious! 

Hoo lordy.
Just when you think this can't get any more hilarious/awful, it does.

Like "pretending her trumpet is a laser gun" awful.


First that weird crowd participation LCD thing, and now a french fry covered hot dog? Thank you Korea.


While this web comic is nerdlarious:
Bobby Tables

Strongbad urges against it in this delightful cartoon.


A guy at WFMU has condensed the entire Beatles catalog down to an hour, but the really cool thing is when a couple people have slowed the songs back down like here on "Tomorrow Never Knows"
Through the Matrix looking glass, bro.


The cover for the new Radiohead album:
OMG Ponies
according to Peefork


Thanks Gerard
Thanks Dan
Thanks Brian
Thanks Steve

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