Saturday, November 17, 2007

"Drink It!" 

Two terrific sites highlighting found photos:

MangoFalls is a spectacular site where a guy trolls thrift stores and develops the film in old cameras:

Who Dat?
Who Dat?


Headless Coatsman

SquareAmerica is an amazing site with some quality found photos.


Uncle Louie+Hatz

Special attention should be paid to the SquareAmerica gallery titled "The Party"
which seems to be some kind of swinging bi-racial party from the early '70s(?).
The Party
It is called "the Party" for a reason, because it is clearly THE Party.


Video of The Implosion of The Frontier Casino in Las Vegas.
Sigh, I will always remember with fondness the prostitute that tried to pick me up while I was playing video blackjack in the Frontier casino right outside the Micky Gilley's that had bikini bullriding. I hope she got out in time.


You may be a rockstar at at Guitar Hero, but how would you fare against "Cowbell Hero?"
"I put my pants on just like the rest of you - one leg at a time Bruce Dickinson: Except, when my pants are on, I make gold records ..."


Guitar Hero Bob "Lava" Mouton brings to my attention this guy called "Plectrum34" who pulls off some really faithful Nick Drake re-creations (without the depression, insomnia and suicide, apparently).
Finger-pickin' good.


For fun, it's the Bar Scene from Weird Science.

"Listening to this blues music reminds me of my own trials and tribulations as a young guy.
My folks really dump on me. You guys get along with your parents?"


Thanks Bob
Thanks Sara
Thanks Dave
Thanks BoingBoing
Thanks Kevin

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