Wednesday, November 21, 2007

We're gonna elect a president! He's gonna do what the people want! 

"Fun" facts from the Ahrens & Flaherty website:

* "I think only Lynn Ahrens could take the words to the Constitution and turn them into a song. She has a wonderful melodic sense. [The lyrics] are all very square and compartmentalized and easy to understand." ( George Newall, on the SHR DVD)

* "Lynn Ahrens was just starting out. She could play five chords on the guitar....Tom Yohe saw her one day carrying a guitar case, and we asked her to come into my office and play. She played and we were just knocked out! Tom said 'How'd you like to do a School House Rock song?'....She was astonishing! And she would also sing on these things, 'cause she had a really wonderful voice. She had a musical sensibility that was kind of bubblegummy, and her tunes were very memorable and singsongy, in the right sense. She was just doing it on pure instinct. I guess it was her big break. Lynn has since gone on to do very well in the world of songwriting. She's in the big time now." (George Newall, School House Rock Creative Director, in the SHR Box Set liner notes, 1996)

* "Depending on what the subject matter was that they wanted to cover, I would just go and do research from textbooks that I got out of the library to try and see how that subject would be taught. And then I went from there, trying to tell a little story that's visual, educational, and fun all at the same time." (Lynn Ahrens, in the SHR Box Set liner notes, 1996)

* "I owe a lot to Schoolhouse Rock. Based on those songs, I was able to get work writing for Captain Kangaroo and scoring for ABC Afterschool Specials. Schoolhouse Rock has a naive and wonderful quality. It's not slick, it feels homegrown, which is part of its charm. It's a family affair. It's not like anybody's saying 'I'm a big star here. We're all doing it for fun." (Lynn Ahrens, in the SHR Box Set liner notes, 1996)

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