Saturday, April 12, 2008

My new denim jacket 

So, not to reveal myself as a middle school girl, but I am way into this Facebook application called "Pieces of Flair."


It is basically a collection of icons with a cool "button" photoshop glare on them, but man oh man am I into it. Here's why:

1. It allows users to offer a visual snapshot of all of the things they are into. Just like new wavers and metalheads in the early '80s, the application (and careful consideration of arrangement and placement) reveals what you think is important or worth noting. These are the bumper stickers for a massive car that is the Facebook you.

2. You can find funny things that are really specific and either add 'em, yourself, or send 'em to friends. Cases in point:

The weird three-ball-in-mouth guy from the Exile on Main Street album cover
Totally random, but any hardcore Stones fan is going to see that and go
"Ha! The Exile three-ball guy!" while most mortals will be beyond baffled.

The "Who is Driving? Oh My God Bear is Driving How Can That Be?!?1?" button from the Clerks animated series.
Robot Dancing
Pretty random, but anybody who has seen it will know the hilarity.

A quote from an outtake/blooper from the TV show "Firefly."
A total random moment, but those that have consumed the show will chuckle.

These little nuances really help to personalize the panel and let you really pin down the elements that define what your interests are.

3. The process for creating your own buttons is lightweight, simple and easy. The template only allows images <100KB and provides a way to resize the image in the browser window. You have the option of making the button private (my Hank flair) or public (the Porchsleeper button). Simple and fun.

Overall, I am distainful of the Zombies, Karma and Superpokes that Facebook has to offer, but spending my vacation looking for Grilled Cheese, Say Anything and Trogdor flair to send to Mrs. DataWhat has been a total blast all week long.

P.S. Things I have discovered:
There is no Johnny Hartman flair
There is no Richard Buckner flair
There is no pork chop sandwiches flair
There is a lot more Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends flair than Foster's beer flair
There is no Free Design flair
There is a surprising amount of Richard Nixon flair
There is very little Banjo flair, and most of it references Deliverance in some way
There are two pieces of Bubb Rubb flair, but no Tron Guy flair


Thanks PJ

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