Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Get your own business cards made of MEAT AND LASERS 

So these folks at Meatcards had a vision and a dream and (obviously) a business plan that one day the world will collapse in a fiery apocalypse and the only thing left to eat will be our business cards. Therefore they decided to start laser etching business cards into slabs of meat.

Note the Patrick Bateman/American Psycho excellence
My God it's full of Meat and Win.

As if that wasn't genius enough, they had the foresight to run a contest asking regular joes to re-create classic Frank Frazetta paintings with some important rules to consider:

A couple of examples lifted from BoingBoing (since they did what I was going to do):

oh, and if you need a larger shot of "The Best Photo Evar" it can be found here:

I also gotta hand it to these bros for a lot of reasons:

Bambi Smirnoff


Thanks Brian

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