Tuesday, April 27, 2004


Much like Martin Luther King, I had a dream last night that Aerosmith was going to play a concert at AMG and since Paul is so involved in Manpower, he got a whole bunch of extra tickets. Since the Manpower guy didn't have any Aerosmith tickets for me he was trying to give me passes to the Penguin House at the Detroit Zoo, but I kept telling him that I saw a penguin show in Tijuana and it put me off of flightless birds forever.
So anyway, Paul and I are in the guts of the building trying to find our way up inside the big concrete amphitheatre when we see (a much younger) Aerosmith warming up on this weird mini-stage. So my Dad and Tawny are there and all of the sudden Aerosmith starts doing this killer version of Megadeth's "Symphony of Destruction" and I can't believe how close we are to the band! Then the stage sort of catapults up into the big amphitheatre and then we can't hear them anymore. So now Paul is gone (with all the Manpower tickets) and my Dad is all bummed at me for not getting tickets from Paul when I had the chance.



Earl sends an unofficial I.Q. Test.

The "Birthdays" one is bullshit.


George is the best photographer I know.

Take that Alfie Stieglitz!


Here is an open directory of elaborate versions of the Star Wars Kid movie.

The Star Wars Kid is a 15-year-old from Quebec who, back in November 2002, was goofing off at a school video studio and recorded himself fighting a mock battle with a golf ball retriever lightsaber. Over two minutes, the video shows the lone, overweight teenager twirling his mock lightsaber ever faster while making his own accompanying sound effects.

Yes, we've all had our dorky, private moments, but this poor kid is living the nightmare of having his private dorkiness projected across the world to giggling Web users. His friends found the tape, and uploaded it to KaZaA as a joke on April 19. Within two weeks, someone had added full Star Wars special effects and sound effects to the tape. Currently, new clone videos are being created at the rate of 1 per day!


Jump rope for God:


Thanks Dave
Thanks Chris

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