Monday, April 26, 2004

Steve Carell Day!    Steve Carell Day! 

"The prime minister of Sweden visited Washington today and my little nipples went to France."

Penny and I watched Bruce Almighty last night which was average at best, but there is a sequence where Steve Carell (one of the Daily Show correspondents) is speaking in tongues (thanks to Jim Carey's wacky omnipotence) which had us screaming. We literally had to stop the DVD player so we could start breathing again.

I had hoped to find a clip online, but the internet is lacking.


More Carell-arity:
Clips from the upcoming film Anchorman:

Will Ferrell talks to the dog.
The dog says he pooped in the fridge.
Will is dumbfounded.


Eat Nutrigrain.
Feel Great.

Funniest. Thing. Ever.


This just in: Nickelback sucks.

This is an MP3 of two Nickelback songs jammed together,
and they have the exact same structure and key changes.

It makes the Portuguese sooooo angry.

Your source for Nickelback bashing

Thanks Rob
Thanks Matt
Thanks Chris

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