Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Hobo Clothes 

Miscellaneous Olson Twin in Rehab.
Billboard Dad nowhere to be found.


Spectacular new sport: ScamBaiting.
Step 1. Receive an e-mail from Nigeria or Zimbabwe that says that some deposed king has a billion dollars they need you to hold in your bank account.
Step 2. Reply to them, stringing them along and requesting bizarre things like photos of them holding cheese on their head and kissing fish, or holding signs that say "I Love Da Cawk."
Step 3. Profit in hilarity.

The best summary can be found Here.

More great photos in The Trophy Room.


This site has what must be hundreds of hilarious and weird photos.
Click the image to see the next random image. Addictive.


Here is The Passion in convenient cartoon form.
The acting might not be as good, but the music is much better.


Blank inf00:
this is whacked.
Jeff Tweedy pays up for YHF:
The actual radio broadcast of the woman saying "yankee...hotel...foxtrot..."

This Label sues him for copyright infringement, and settles out of court.

but the guy's entire catalog (including the infringing disc) is online and free:

by the way, i read that a lot of those long (pointless) noise-scapes on A Ghost Is Born was tweedy's doing -- no doubt whacked on some great pain-killers. well, o'rourke supposedly says to tweedy during the mix down, "you know they're going to blame me for this..."


Paul and I are pretty into this Matt Pond PA album.
It's a band, not a guy.


Thanks Dan
Thanks Daily Column
Thanks Lee

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