Thursday, June 03, 2004

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"can you be any smaller grandmother"
This was the subject line of some penis enlargement spam I got.


Sorry Brian, sorry Goody, sorry Paul, sorry Penny:
Mark Deming is the best date to take to a rock show.
He knows exactly when to bust out the story about how Jack White opened for him when he was in Two-Star Tabernacle and Mark was in The Clutters, he buys fake beers so he can be cool and hang out but not get beligerent, he knows to shut up when the band is playing, he yells out the hip unknown song when the artist asks for requests and he can do a cool one hand clapping thing.


Cool photo of a Tornado.


Quote from Fark:
"President Bush says War on Terror is like WWII,
except that after Pearl Harbor we did not in fact attack Australia."


Oh, you know what? Nice name for a church.


Pi to one MEEELLION decimal places:


If you'd like, you can have your portait drawn standing next to Stevie Nicks.

:: is now featuring a raging debate regarding racism on the page selling the
Dukes of Hazzard DVDs.

Reviewer: Mike from NY

Entertaining show, for country rednecks. This series was the most racist show on tv, from the confederate flag,down to the #@%@ car named the General Lee after the founder of the KKK. Please..... just the good old country boys is right.

Mike, get your facts straight
Reviewer: Ben from GYPSUM, KS United States

I challenge anyone to find a single instance of racism in the whole series. You won't because there aren't any. As for Robert E Lee - he did not found the KKK and was never a member. The KKK was founded by Nathan Bedford Forrest. (Didn't you ever watch Forrest Gump? His name contributes to one of the first scenes in the movie.) General Lee did fight for the Confederacy, but it was only because of his belief in states' rights, not for slavery. In fact, he inherited 130 slaves and promptly freed them due to his hatred of the institution of slavery.


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