Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Dirty Shoes 

Here is a link to a couple of Racy Ads for Puma Shoes that are circulating around again.
They're not dirty if you can imagine she's eating a sandwich with too much mayo on it...


Here's a puzzle of Dumbass Burt Reynolds's Dumb Ass.
"For the first time anywhere, Gemini Puzzles for Pleasure has made it possible for Burt to successfully defy convention and express his personality in puzzle form."



Nice photo of Scarlett Johansson.
"Uh, can I borrow that copy of that Steinbeck novel when you're done? Please?"


Some have seen these before, but here they are again.

Indie Rock Music Reviews by Elementary School Students

Kindergarteners hate The Strokes
"frances: i think it sounds bad. it hurts my head like a hundred dogs."

Kindergarteners kind of like Air Miami
"william: i feel like i might say "hey hey" and i was thinking about a robot."

Third Graders hate Yo La Tengo
"oscar: this is the craziest song i ever heard. the people sound like this: (bellows in a breathy voice...everyone laughs)"

Third Graders hate all Indie Rock
"Lisette: No, it reminds me how I always have to go to church."

Fifth Graders are indifferent to Britta Phillips & Dean Wareham
"Alvin: Right away you can tell: it's white people."

Fifth Graders also hate Yo La Tengo
"Vince: What I learned is, don't listen to Yo La Tengo again in my life! This is the kind of song when, you know, you're in the car with your parents, you say, "oh man, dad, you gotta change the station."


Here are pictures of Monkeys from Lee.


New Batman Movie is comin' out...

...casting is completed, this guy didn't get the memo.


Thanks David
Thanks Deuce of Clubs
Thanks Lee
Thanks ThatsJustNotRight.com

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