Tuesday, August 10, 2004

This Computer Reads Minds 

Maeve hooked us up with this Amazing Guessing Database that is startlingly accurate in coming up with the weirdest thing you can imagine.
It came up with Basketball, Daffodill, and Puddle almost miraculously.
It gets a little fuzzy with concepts like Jealousy, but it nailed "A Fart" like you wouldn't believe:

1. It is classified as Other.
2. Do you hold it when you use it? No.
3. Is it something you bring along? Yes.
4. Do you clean it regularly? No.
5. Is it manufactured? Maybe.
6. Does it involve contact with other humans? No.
7. Does it contain a liquid? Depends.
8. Can it be used for recreation? Yes.
9. Is it man made? Yes.
10. Does it help accomplish tasks? No.
11. Is it usually colorful? Depends.
12. Can you play with it? Maybe.
13. Can you read it? No.
14. Does it make noise? Yes.
15. Can you open it? No.
16. Can you touch it? No.
17. Was it invented? No.
18. Does it burn? Sometimes.
19. Can it be used more than once? No.

I am guessing that it is gas?

You are amazing.


Falling Down 2004!!!
Textbook Chevy Chasian faint-then-pull-down-the-entire-set-on-top-of-you maneuver.


Rusty the Narcoleptic Dog.


If you've been wondering what Cooter from the Dukes of Hazzard has been up to, wander on over to Cooter's Place.
and you need to check out this footage of The DukesFest Stunt Show featuring Roscoe P. Coltrane's car flipping over in super slow-mo.


Rob gives a shout out to Andy and Jodee's baby:

Adrian Jernigan Kellman was born at 12:57pm this afternoon. 7lbs, 7oz and 20 ¾” in length.
Both Mom and baby are exhausted, but recovering nicely. Adrian is healthy and doing fine.
Andy sounds like he hasn’t slept in a bit.
Anyways, just wanted to give the heads up!


Mike Burger leaves his vacation instructions:

If it is truly an emergency, my cell is 734-555-xxxx. Please note I will be in California
and my inflight movie out there on a 6:30 AM flight is Garfield The Movie,
so I'll already be in a pretty bad mood even if there wasn't the time change.


Thanks Maeve
Thanks David
Thanks Dan
Nice work Andy

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