Thursday, October 28, 2004

Super Political Issue! 

Hilarious/Terrifying Thing of the Day!
Film of a very, very bratty boy named George:.

oooh, what a naughty little president you are!


Serious Thing For A Second:

If you are at all curious for a snapshot of where the three (yes, three) candidates stand gives you the basic view on the candidates' views.
Abortion, Death Penalty, Education, Evironment, and the rest.


Other Serious Thing:

Washtenaw County Proposals outlined Here:
Statewide: Proposal 04-1 = Lottery
Statewide: Proposal 04-2 = Gay Marriage
Countywide: Proposal A = Parks & Rec
WCC: Proposal B = Washtenaw Community College millage restoration.
Citywide: Proposal C = Medical Marijuana


Other Other Serious Thing:

Appropriately titled "Whatever It Takes", the new Bush/Cheney ad uses Bush's convention acceptance speech, stirring music, and images of dedicated troops and families in the heartland. It also uses Photoshopped images to turn a small crowd into a large one:
And it's lousy photoshopping!


Last Serious Thing, I Swear to God

A local TV station had an embedded crew that shot video of bunkers of explosives after the invasion of Iraq. It looks like they have footage of the now-missing explosives from Al Qaqaa, which means they disappeared after the US came in.
Here’s the video:
Hee Hee. "Al Kaa-kaa"


Finally, for fun: Homestarrunner Jack-o-Lantern Stencils.


Thanks Paul
Thanks Dan
Thanks Matt
Thanks Lee

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