Thursday, November 04, 2004

The people peeing on the men's room floor? Project Mayhem. 

new maps



Are you sad?
If you watch this little song about Llamas, I can guarantee you you will be happier.
Not Happy mind you...but at least happier.


Maeve makes us all a little bit happier:

An interesting tidbit I found:

Worth noting: Bush received more votes AGAINST him than any sitting President in history. Even the drubbing of Jimmy Carter in 1980 didn't see as many votes against Carter as there were against Bush last night. In 1980, a total of 50.5 million votes were cast against Carter... 43.9 million for Reagan, 5.7 million for Anderson and 900,000 for other candidates. Last night, Bush had 55.4 million votes thrown against him.


Star Wars Episode III trailer available Here.
Get it quick.


Lee re-invents a joke:

John Kerry walks into a bar and the bartender says, 'Hey, why the long face?'
See, it's funny because not only is his face shaped oddly, but now he is potentially suicidal. Get it?


avril lavigne in a hooters uniform.
finally a job she might be good at.


Thanks for the title PJ
Thanks Maeve
Thanks Tawny
Thanks Lee
Thanks Kelly
Thanks Steve

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