Thursday, November 18, 2004

There are no ceilings on these doors. 

Deer friends,


New site in beta testing:
Dunno what it's all about.

* The CEO is Anthony Yanow who could be related to Scott Yanow (longtime AMG contributor).
* There's an interesting "Spill" function that allows you to see all of the info on one page.
* Some stuff is really sporadic: They've got Paul's Bio but not even a page for Donkers
* Looking at the discographies for The Beatles or Britney Spears is a jumble...
* There is a pretty cool "Favorites" function where if you hit one of those "Plus" symbols next to a name or an album,
      it files that away under a "Scratch List" at the top for quick re-visiting.

Could be cool.


Total Grain Awareness


Hot Spam from Maeve's Inbox:

Cameron Diaz has become "such a demanding diva that when she needs her
underarm hair shaved, she makes her personal assistant do it." In one
instance, instead of going back to her trailer to shave her pits, she had
her assistant shave them in front of two hundred extras.

See her naked

[World renown celebrities, and hardcore videos of them getting fucked.]

Yeah, we liked that last line too...


Here's a cool guy showin' off for the chicks until he turns around and smacks into a sliding glass door.
Monkey see, monkey do.


New Alison Krauss record:
New Old Timey
Quite good.


Thanks David
Thanks Maeve
Thanks Jamnes

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