Friday, December 31, 2004

Happy New Year 

See you at The Bang!


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Thursday, December 30, 2004

Burnt Bun 

Tsunami coverage continues Here.

If you're thinking of making a Tsunami relief donation, Rob encourages you to look into Architecture For Humanity's site.
"while it’s very important for the red cross to receive donations, these guys could use a little nudge too. they do good things, quietly."


Fire & Ice


"It's a Wonderful Life" in 30 Seconds Re-enacted by Bunnies.
Click the bunny silhouettes at the end for bonus scenes!


Making People Happy

The President, the First Lady and Dick Cheney are flying on Air Force One.

George looks at Laura, chuckles and says, "You know, I could throw a $1,000 bill out the window right now and make somebody very happy."

Laura shrugs her shoulders and says, "Well, I could throw ten $100 bills out the window and make ten people very happy."

Cheney says, "Of course then, I could throw one hundred $10 bills out the window and make a hundred people very happy."

Hearing this, the pilot rolls his eyes and says to his co-pilot, "Such big shots back there...hell, I could throw all of THEM out the window and make 56 million people very happy."


A ghost in this UK pub is accused of pinching barmaids' bums.
See! I told you it wasn't me.


Fire & Bun


The science of recording handclaps.
"If you have four drumers clapping perfectly in time, it sucks. But when you get your neighbor to come over, who will always slightly lag behind because he's so nervous, that lag spreads out the clap and gives you that 80's drum machine type of clap that is SUPER fat".


It's almost 2005, so here's my "Things of 2004" list from a couple days ago.


Over 8000 hits today, me boyos!


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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Crosstown Traffic 

I plan on posting more Tsunami Images and Video as I find them.
So check back, if'n you're innerested.


Remember that post-election website
Not Sorry!
Well these people aren't sorry.
Scary maybe, but not sorry.


This site keeps pinging the websites of fake banks that you hear about in fraud e-mails.
The theory is that if enough people are eating up their bandwidth, they'll lose money and have to shut down.


Hmmm...I cant tell if is telling me the truth or not...
I mean "In the United States, there are more employed video game programmers than there are policemen"...that could be true, right?


Hyar! Video of a kid trying to say "Dump Truck" but, brother does it come out wrong.
He's got quite a career as a longshoreman ahead of him.


Man I just found a whole bunch of good stuff on tonight. They're like DataWhat without the inside jokes that probably infuriate everyone who doesn't work at AMG.

Their slogan is: "Action, Pathos, Weirdness, Humor, Boobies."

Who could argue with that?


.:DataWhat?:. got over 1,000 hits today.


Thanks everybody

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Tuesday, December 28, 2004


Title Wave

Video: seems to be one of the best sites for video and photos.

Believe In Magic (Austin's Blog) is hosting the most widely known videos.

.:Note:. Respect to
since they are displaying and hosting the video information in the most clear and stable manner possible. Nice work, citizen.

2:16     10.2 MB
The image doesn't really do it justice. This is a longer video shot from the balcony of a hotel. An Australian(?) family, or at least a father and a young son, see the first (relatively) smaller wave come in. It's funny 'cause the father says "Jay-sus Kroist" and then the kid follows him and says "Jay-sus Kroist" just like his ol' pop. The second wave comes into the resort pretty spectacularly, and then the Dad tells the kids to "Get In, Get In" and they all run for cover (although in reality, they are high enough not to be hit by the wave...not that I blame them mind you).
Courtesy of down

:52 Seconds     4.48 MB
This one doesn't actually show the wave, but does show a massive river of debris flowing down the middle of the street including whole buses and uprooted trees.
Courtesy of down

:56 Seconds     2.3 MB
Amateur footage from people visiting the Vivekananda Rock Memorial, situated at the southern tip of Kanyakumari. The tsunami wave hits the wall and sends large amounts of water over the top of the memorial which has a height of 113 feet. The footage is repeated at the end of the clip in slow motion.
Courtesy of down

:59 Seconds Real Media
This is footage shot by a restaurant owner from high above, you see a lone man on the beach as the wave really hits.

I had some trouble linking directly. If you can't find it, try to go here:
then, click on 7,000 More Bodies Discovered in Indonesia on the right.
scroll down to Amateur Video Shows Tsunami Striking Thai Beach. This may rotate around with another couple videos, so hunt around...

Courtesy of AP

:28 Seconds
Sort of a "Picture-In-Picture" shot of the wave coming into a Phuket Resort shot by two different people.
Courtesy of

Tsunami-Hits-Khao-Lak-by-German-Tourist 3:21 10.2 MB
About three and a half minutes narrated by a German tourist. He films the wave as it is first noticed way out on the horizon. You can see two or three large boats/yachts hustling to get out of the way. He keeps filming until the wave goes past the ships then heads back to a beachside bungalow. Really clear sweeping shots of the whole horizon as the wave is coming closer.
Courtesy of

Zeebeving 1:30 1.5 MB
This is a collection of videos from a Dutch News Program. A good overview for those who have not seen any footage yet, and some footage I had not seen before.
Courtesy of Alexander Meijer

BBC Long 14:10 13.1 MB
This is a 14 minute long broadcast/recap from the BBC. Some science, some footage of the wave, some occasional (mild) graphic content. I have not watched it all...or even most of it.
Courtesy of Alexander Meijer

Aftonbladet footage Quicktime... maybe three minutes long?


Amateur footage of the wave coming in. This looks like it may be directly above the spot where that older couple was seen clinging to the wall.
Courtesy of This site(?)

On the beach of Koh Lanta. 1:01 minutes 4.8 MB
This one starts with a volleyball net, then you can see the huge wave roll in from across the sea. People think of it as a curiosity until they realize the magnitude of it, then run into a more jungle-y area to safety. A guy says "Holy Crap!" I don't blame him.
Courtesy of Asian Tsunami Videos (at the bottom called "The most amazing tsunami video I've seen")

In a hotel at Banda Aceh (KATC). 1:48 minutes 3.5 MB

This one starts with semi-grainy footage from inside either a large house or hotel in Indonesia. Looks like some people were filming and then noticed noise outside, so they go to their window/balcony and you can see huge masses of water rolling by the window. Note: this is not the footage with the couple clinging to the wall in what looks like a swimming pool.
Courtesy of Asian Tsunami Videos (called "Wow")

14 Seconds In Thailand. :14 seconds 1.6 MB
A really quick shot of the wave coming in and crashing into a garden between two large hills. Three people are standing in the garden as the wave comes in, and the video stops as the wave gets close to them.
Courtesy of Asian Tsunami Videos (called "From Thailand")

Tafmil nadu India "Sea Spills". 3:37 minutes 1.5 MB

Shot almost from above, this footage of the wave coming into an Indian beach, through trees and flooding into the streets. This is in Quicktime, and relatively small.
Courtesy of Cheese & Crackers

Patong Beach. 2:08 minutes 10.3 MB
From a rooftop of a hotel on Patong Beach, you see the big wave come into the beach, then crash through a low building with many arches. There is extended footage of water filling the streets below.

On the Beach at Penang. 1:01 minutes 72 KB
Another one shot from the beach. The cameraman is standing on a cement platform probably 50 yards from the beach. He is amused by the waves and the lone wader out in the water until the larger waves come up the beach and hit the bottom of the platform where he and a woman are standing.
Courtesy of Asian Tsunami Videos (called "From Penang, Malasia")

Sri Lanka Hotel Balcony. 1:40 minutes 7.8 MB
A couple from Australia(?) film from their hotel balcony as the wave comes across the beach and floods into the huge swimming pool. People are standing in street clothes around the pool but they run into the hotel when they see the wave coming. The film ends with the couple running down the corridor of the hotel.
Courtesy of Asian Tsunami Videos (called "From Sri Lanka")

Inside a Phuket Hotel Restaurant. 2:14 minutes 11.7 MB
Shot from inside a hotel restaurant, there is a lot of pretty shaky footage at first, then the wave comes into the building. The cameraman rushes outside and sees an older couple clinging to a railing that gives way.
Courtesy of Asian Tsunami Videos (called "Tsunami hitting Phuket Beach, Thailand")

Another Sri Lanka Hotel Balcony. 3:44 minutes 6.3 MB
Footage by an English speaking couple who shoot from their hotel balcony as the wave comes through an open-air restaurant/cabana and into a lagoon in the courtyard of the hotel. The clip ends with footage of the debris floating around in the courtyard.
Courtesy of Asian Tsunami Videos (called "Amazing video, maybe the best of the bunch at giving you the impact of the wave.")

Indonesia: Pantai Cermin(?). :35 Seconds
A short and shaky video of the wave rolling into Indonesia. A long boat takes on a pretty big wave (grainy). Lots of jumpy footage of people's backs as they're running away or escaping on scooters. This version is kinda crappy 'cause you have to sit through an ad...

Waves in Kenya :56 Seconds
A short video of comparatively smaller waves rolling on the beach in Kenya. Some empty boats get tossed around.
A kid seems to be having the best day of his life.
Courtesy of Asian Tsunami Videos (called "From Kenya, fishing boats being tossed around like toys in the water.")

.:Slightly Misleading but Still Pretty Amazing:.
Tidal Surge in China in 2000
Quicktime...maybe two minutes long
I guess every year the Quiantang River in China gets a "Tidal Bore" that wooshes through the riverbed. People line up every year to watch it go by, but this year it was slightly larger than expected. Again, not from the 2004 Tsunami, but pretty amazing nonetheless.
Courtesy of USC's Tsunami information page

This interview from the dreaded Fox News talks with one of the bloggers from about how the blogging community has been a real news source for this event. It also shows some footage of the wave that I've seen on TV but nowhere on the net.

BRTurbo shows these same videos in a nice streaming layout.

Andy Baio put together This List of videos with descriptions on

A similar collection of videos on Cheese & Crackers.

More Tsunami info is grouped at
No images but good text links


.:Note:. There are several photos of a huge wave crashing around a temple. A noteworthy one was of a huge brown and frothy wave with a bunch of people running in front of it Apparently these are from a Tidal Surge in China in 2002, and not from this current event.
They were cool, but here at DataWhat we are all about data integrity. You can still see 'em at

Man oh man, Here's a spooky shot taken from a trolley just before the wave hit:
hit refresh if the photo doesn't show up

.:New:. 10 photos from Koh Lanta.

.:New:. Four images from this site.
There's also a pretty spectacular fake photo on this page too...

21 images of children playing on a Malaysian beach moments before the tsunami sends them scrambling for shelter.
The family survives unharmed.

9 tourist images from a beach in Thailand.

A series of images as the tsunami hit Phi Phi Island.
Photos by J.T. and Caroline Malatesta, posted on

A series of images taken from an airplane as the Tsunami hit.
Photos by Peter Litherland, posted on

This was the image of the wave coming in that we kept seeing on TV the first night.

Interesting series Here :

Multiple pages Grouped Here :

Site with a bunch of really amazing photos of the Tidal Wave from a balcony on the beach.
(hit the link if the photo doesn't show up)

.:New:. Three Photos of the wave coming into Krabi, Thailand.
Also seen in the six photos at Getty Images.
The family seen in the photos made it out alive just fine.

.:New:. Collage from a Swedish Newspaper.

Photo of the wave coming in.

Really well-shot series of photos from one of the locations.
These photos are non-graphic (i.e. no dead bodies or grief stricken people).

This Photo is huge, but really interesting.
Legal shoutout to DigiGlobe.

Another photo of the landscape left behind.

One more.

Two photos from on the ocean as it happened.
splash splash
you can see how quickly the water rose and fell against that island near Patong Beach.
That long brown section was moving really fast according to the guy who gives the account.

Translation and more story here

Photos of Indonesia before and after.
green, brown

Also, Tony Demark's site has a really neat function where you can toggle back and forth between before and after satellite photos.

Photo of a car floating away.

Another Car.

Some of the same photos are on but they're laid out really nicely.

This Page of Thailand photos might be interesting, but it's down temporarily.

Info for Science Dorks:

Wikipedia's entry is really well done.

Looks like the quake altered the map and rattled the earth's orbit.

Really cool Seismic Monitor Map showing current and recent activity.

Seismic report from the campus of Virginia Tech.

Finally, I really like this headline: "Jet Li escapes tsunami with minor injuries" he was jumping out of the way at the last second.

Just a reminder: Mother Nature can kick your ass.


Teaser trailer for "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" is now online.
Don't Panic.


I have no clue what this Ewok Role Playing page is all about, but I like it.
Lightning Bolt! Lightning Bolt! Sleep!


Hyar! Chicken shacks from every state in the union.
Who knew those birds were so well travelled?


Uh, I put together a "Things of 2004" list. Dunno if you saw it...
Google did the same thing, but mine has swear words in it.


Thanks Goody
Thanks Dadid
Thanks David
Thanks Steve
Thanks Rob

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