Wednesday, January 12, 2005

How is it possible to love and hate music so much at exactly the same time? 

The horrible, horrible Grammy Nominations were announced today.

Notice hoobastank's aptly named publishing company:

"The Reason": Daniel Estrin & Douglas Robb, songwriters (Hoobastank)
[Island Records; Publisher: Spread Your Cheeks And Push Out The Music.]
Uh...dudes? Does your Grandma know that you called your publishing company that? Isn't "Hoobastank" bad enough on its own?

And Oh My God doesn't this sound terrible:

Hey Good Lookin'
Jimmy Buffett, Clint Black, Kenny Chesney, Alan Jackson, Toby Keith & George Strait

Track from: License To Chill
Even the album title is terrible. Please put guns in both of my eyes and shoot them.


Pretty clever:
The Random Web Search page looks a lot like Google, but you can have it suggest random searches.
Like "umbrella cheese"  "assbadger" and "Urinals in Scotland."


My friend Gerard who lives in Guatemala has a blog.
And his son Max got a tattoo, apparently...

Gerard really had one of the first "weblogs" out there. He moved to Kenya and in order to keep us up to speed he started a website...well, the only easy avenue to do that through at the time was through Angelfire and they made you name your website through this convoluted chain of "Interests" like "Fishing" and...I dunno "Horticulture" or something, so you would end up with a goofy-titled url for your page like www.Fishing/ or something bizarro like that, so Gerard ended up with Wrestling / WithLions and it looks like it stuck: Ladies and Guatemalans, I give you

Please note: This website is not interesting yet.


"What's that? Did you say Weapons of Mass Distruction? Ohh...sorry. I thought we were looking for your car keys."
", we didn't find those either..."




Click here to clean your monitor.
It's cute. Girls will like it.


Thanks Dan
Thanks Horkulated
Thanks Rob

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