Wednesday, September 28, 2005

I so very much would like to be in your prostate-ticular 

Zac's out West getting his nerd on with eleventy back-to-back screenings of Serenity, so I, Matthew Tobey, will be your guest-blogger today. Try not to get attached.

Do you like Arrested Development? Yes? Not as much as the people who run this fan-site. I could read the quotes page all damn day:
G.O.B.: My God, what is this feeling?

Michael: Well, you know the-the feeling that you’re... that you’re feeling is-is what many of us call “a feeling.”

G.O.B.: But it’s not like envy, or even hungry.

Michael: Could it be love?

G.O.B.: I know what an erection feels like, Michael. No, it’s the opposite. It’s... it’s like my heart is getting hard. Maybe I am ready to be a father.


Coco: Are you going to buy this time, or you just curious?

Tobias: I suppose I’m, uh... buy-curious.


Tobias: No, no, no, no. I-I was scared too, but I realized it was of being a leading man. Oh, I can just taste those meaty leading man parts in my mouth.

Speaking of awesome TV shows, a Live Journal Lost-fan has posted a zipped mpeg of the Canadian promo for tonight's episode. Not only is it packed with spoiler-y goodness absent from the US ad spots, it's got a total low-rent 1980s TV-20 feel to it. Canada's so cute.

Before he left, Zac told me a joke that made me laugh a lot:
One of President Bush's advisors walks into the Oval Office and says, "Mr. President, I have terrible news. 3 Brazilian soldiers were killed in Iraq today."

Bush says, "Oh my God!"

Then he pauses and says, "Wait, how many's in a brazillion again?"
Last night I had a dream that I told that joke to Bill O'Reilly and Pat Buchanan, but they kept interrupting me to say they'd heard it. When I finally got the punchline out, they realized they actually hadn't heard the joke before. Assholes.

Do you like Amy Sedaris? Do you like penises? Do you like NSFW flash-cartoons? If you answered yes to all of the above questions, then you'll love The Puberty Pals. It's an animated segment from Puberty: The Movie, an upcoming indie comedy produced by Darci Ratliff of Kittenpants and starring a bunch of funny people from The State, Stella, Dr. Katz and more. Also, the animation was done by Ken McIntyre from The Toilet Online. He're responsible for the amazing Leave it to Bush series. Anyway, if you aren't yet convinved to watch The Puberty Pals, you must totally hate freedom.

PS: If Zac is reading this, I just want to say that Daisy is alive and loves the shit out of yarn. See you Sunday.

Thanks, Zac
Thanks, Jeremy

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